Optimizepress 2.3.4 Launch

What’s New with OptimizePress 2.3.4?

Optimizepress became one of the leading platforms to promote and introduce your website. It is a valuable tool to boost your website traffics. The reason behind WordPress popularity and credibility is the Optimizepress‬ 2.3.4.

OptimizePress 2.3.4

Introducing OptimizePress 2.3.4

Most online marketers appreciated the Optimizepress‬ 2.3.4 because of the stunning and unique features it offers. This is a latest Optimizepress version that integrates everything from squeeze pages, sales pages, blogs, membership portals, and more in WordPress. Almost all features are unique and one of a kind.

Whether you want to create a business website or just love to create a blog, the newest Optimizepress may help. Create any kind of business pages inside WordPress and take advantage of several, yet amazing features it has.

Building a new OptimizePress 2.3.4

Building your website is convenient. Simplified schemes are available to lessen workloads and complexities in creating your page. The LiveEditor System allows users to edit and make changes on the page’s layout and content. The responsiveness of the Optimizepress also allows visitors to view your website in any mobile devices with ease. Choose from over 30 WordPress templates to design your website and over 40 custom elements to increase your page’s functionality.

The above mentioned features of Optimizepress‬ took great advantage among other similar competitors. But with the evolution and innovation of technology, developers have developed more enticing and useful features to meet the user’s standards and expectations.

Benefits of the latest OptimizePress 2.3.4

The New Optimizepress‬ 2.3.4 includes several fresh and beneficial topographies that you can use on your website. These include:

  • New e-mail services: With the new Optimizepress‬ 2.3.4, experience a more convenient and delightful way of sending e-mails and messages to your market. The new e-mail services are from the three different amazing platforms, which are Marapost, ActiveCampaign, and E- GOI.
  • New Countdown Timer: The countdown timer element includes redirect URL option.
  • Speed Boosts: The new Optimizepress‬ 2.3.4 has improved performance with the HTML5 storage.
  • Fresh Templates: Over 30 existing templates are available with the previous Optimizepress version, but have been improved and more templates are added for flexibility and creativity.  To use the additional templates, reset or download the Optimizepress templates on the marketplace.

 latest optimizepress

The OptimizePress 2.3.4 expertise

The need of technical adeptness and expertise to build, develop, and improve your website is unnecessary. In just a span of a minute, easily create authority blogs, product launch funnels, webinar registration page, free training and course pages, sales and marketing pages, and landing pages. Optimize your business, improve traffics, and increase your sales without too much technicalities with Optimizepress‬ 2.3.4.

Advantages of OptimizePress 2.3.4

Try the new Optimizepress‬ 2.3.4 and elevate your advantage among the business websites on the internet. Gain more insightful details and platform features to discover its worth and value. The new features of Optimizepress‬ 2.3.4 are advantageous and have received positive and stunning feedbacks from users. More features are being included in the package to achieve the best performance and benefits of all times. Give Optimizepress‬ 2.3.4 a try and guarantee efficient output and results fom the new features of offers.


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