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SagePay and Optimizepress Integration Guide

Online businesses are exposed to fraud and scams, so it is important to secure your business to avoid losses. Without any authentication methods available, your business is at risk. There are transactions that may happen without your idea, so making your business secured all the time is ideal. Hackers are just around, and they make money from hacking business websites, especially those with payment transactions.

sagepay optimizepress

For OptimizePress account holders, integrating it with SagePay will help you safeguard any transaction. Save your business from losing income, moreover customers, through the SagePay’s authentication method.

Who is SagePay?

SagePay is one of the leading and most trusted online authentication platforms that prevent fraud in any business transaction between you and the shopper. It provides a more secure authentication mechanism through integrating its 3-D Secure feature. When a transaction us made using MasterCard or Visa, the credit card provider is responsible to authenticate the transaction. Therefore, it lessens risk of chargebacks.

A pop- up window will appear after the customer enters their credit card information. It will ask the password to authenticate the transaction.

How To Get Started with Optimizepress and Sagepay Integration?

  1. Go to SagePay account and sign in. If new with the platform, it is necessary to register an account.
  2. Visit and Click Apply. Please input all required and honest information to ensure seamless sign up process.
  3. Submit your account. You will receive an e-mail enclosing a temporary password to open the SagePay.
  4. Go back to SagePay website and log-in with all the details available with you.

It takes two business days to set- up your SagePay account. Once it is active, a Sage Pay representative will contact you for the Sage Pay Vendor ID, which you will use in the sagepay optimizepress integration.

  • Log-in to your OptimizePress account. Go to Settings and select Payment.
  • Choose United Kingdom for the Gateway Country.
  • Select Sage Pay VPS Direct in the GateWay name dropdown.
  • Input the Sage Pay Vendor ID provided by Sage Pay. Save the details.

After saving all the information, your SagePay account is already integrated to OptmizePress. Your business is now ready to make transaction using any Master Card and Credit Card.

3-D Secure Activation in SagePay

Activate the SagePay’s 3-D Secure in your OptimizePress account to help you authenticate any business transaction and avoid concerns and issues for every payment made. To activate the 3-D Secure features, follow below steps.

  1. Go to MySagePage Administrative area.
  2. Select Account Parameters under the Administration Tab.
  3. Select the 3D Secure Fraud Checking Options on the Account Administration Page.
  4. Your business is now secured and ready for transaction.

The above simple steps are easy to follow. It will not take you long to set- up the SagePay OptmizePress integration. You can now have a safer and secured payment transaction anytime. Customers will be happy and enjoy making payments with your business.

optimizepress and sagepay

Integrate SagePay and OptimizePress now to ensure safe, seamless, and guaranteed business deal with your customers.

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