How to Fix an iPhone not Responsive Page?

I am having major problems with getting the Book Launch Video Page which I have as a static page in WordPress to display on an iPhone, it only displays as around a ¼ of the screen but displays just fine on an iPad. I have already tried deactivating all plugins but nothing seems to change. How can I solve this without changing the template?

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Hello! Good day!

Thank you for telling us your concern about mobile version bug. We apologize hearing that you are encountering problems despite you made some actions to resolve the iPhone responsiveness issue.

By the way, have you tried viewing your website through another device aside from ipad and iphone? How about android devices? If not yet, you should try. WordPress is created to be compatible with all mobile devices, except if you use plugins and themes that are unfit for mobile viewing.

Most wordpress themes are created to provide seamless experience for both admin and users, however, not all are mobile- friendly. You should consider the fact that themes and plugins have still limitations and they may not be perfect for other devices.

If your website looks great on android, it is your theme that has a problem. You said that you already deactivated some plugins and nothing has improved. Well, it’s now time to change your theme. You may be enjoying Book Lauch Video Page as your static page on wordpress but you must try another. Remember, mobile users are rocketing and they contribute a lot in improving website ranking and revenue. We also have millions of iphone users. We would not want you to lose them. We suggest that you look for another theme for your static page that will be compatible with all devices available for user’s viewing. That would be the best thing you can do right now.

Check out Google for other responsive and mobile- friendly themes for your use. There are a lot in the web. You can check Twenty Fifteen, Customizr, Responsive, and more. Read reviews and identify which one best suit your needs.

I hope we helped you on your problem. Feel free to contact us if you have questions and concerns.

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