How to Embed Videos in Optimizepress?

I have created a test video using your template to see how your product and Google hangout work together. But if I then paste the Youtude link into the video plugin all I get is your Optimize Press video rather than my webinar. Can someone show me how to do this or point me in the direction of a tutorial or video that will will help me?

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Of course, we have tutorial for embedding videos in Optimizepress. Don’t worry! We will help you go along the steps one- by -one. We can also tell you how to begin an Optimizepress webinar.

Inserting video in any website is a great way to increase audience engagement and improve sales and revenue. However, embedding videos is sometimes a daunting task. You have to consider several factors to ensure success in embedding videos.

In the case of Optimizepress, we have our own video player to play external videos in mp4 format, but having an mp4 video format does not guarantee its playback, just like what happened to you. Frame rate, file size, source encoding format, and video dimensions are only few factors that cause issues. You should consider them.

There are several easiest ways to ensure success in embedding your video at Optimizepress or even on other websites. We recommend that you use videos with professional hosting service and video encoding. They help encode your video or prepare it on the web when you upload. This video hosting service will provide you with the embed code to be pasted on Optimizepress account.

Including videos that play back fast and smooth is the most important. This is only offered by paid video hosting. Yes, it will cost you dollars but the end- results are worth it.

You may want to try the following paid video hosting services:

  1. Vimeo Pro ($199/year)

  2. Wistia ($25- $300+ per month)

We also have a free video source:

  1. Youtube (free)

Embedding Youtube is just easy. Grab the URL under the video and paste it at Optimizepress Video Player Youtube URL option. Your video will automatically play. There are also options to customize the player settings. You can try it. Don’t forget to save it.

I hope we answered your questions. Feel free to send a message if you have questions.

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