How to Link Infusionsoft with Optimizepress?

We need help in linking the Infusionsoft payment system with our Optimizemember membersip website. What we want is that when someone purchase a membership level in Infusionsoft that the membership is then automatically created in Optimizemember. It also needs to work when the membership is upgraded in Infusionsoft, the Optimizemember should also be automatically upgraded.

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Hi! You don’t need someone to do the Optimizepress Infusionsoft integration because you can do it yourself. You can even save more with it than outsourcing people to the task for you. Don’t worry! We will help you with that. See below step- by-step process in integrating Infusionsoft and OptimizeMember.

To set-up OptimizePress, log-in to your domain page and select the “Pro API for remote Operations”. Open the section and copy the Secret API Key. Secure the key or paste it on a word document or notepad for your later use. Then, log-in to Infusionsoft to set- up the HTTP post in the Campaign Builder. You need to input some mandatory value pairs or name. See below list for your use.

- op - should be ‘create_user’ (action that is being done),

- api_key - secret api key copied from the first step,

- data[user_login] - contact username and

- data[user_email] - contact email

You can also use the following value pairs to finalize the integration:

- data[optimizemember_level] - level number (if left empty, 0 will be used - free subscriber),

- data[optimizemember_ccaps] - packages (comma separated if more than one),

- data[notification] - 0 or 1 (if is set to 1, OPM will email new user with username/password)

Make sure that the post URLdomain should exactly match your domain. For an instance, if the domain does not have “www” as indicated in the WordPress>Setting>General, it is strictly advisable that you don’t use “www” because the integration will not work.

It is also necessary not to manually type the merge codes in the Infusionsoft field names. Some people are seen to use -Contact.Email- instead of ~Contact.Email~. The result is the information is not sent from Infusionsoft to OptimizeMember.

Successfully integrating the two solutions will help you send contact record information to the OptimizeMember for setting up in your membership.

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