How to Develop a Mobile Friendly Site?

I need help to make the opt in of my site to display on a mobile, I have followed all of the troubleshooting advice that I can find but it will not work.

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Hello! There might be a mobile bug that’s why the opt not of your website doesn’t show. Remember that any website supported by Optimizepress is always mobile responsive. If not, that’s a technical issue and you need to fix mobile version. I know that you have tried the troubleshooting procedure in the website but you should try checking your OptimizePress or WordPress versions.

Mobile- friendly WordPress sites are supported by Optimizepress for the use of WebPress. If mobile compatibility arises, check out the version of your WordPress. Running the latest versions of your WordPress and Optimizepress is necessary. This is the first thing you should consider. We have heard people complaining about the same issue, but the real problem is their platform is outdated. Also, make sure that you’re using an updated version of OptimizeMember to ensure responsiveness of your website.

You may also want to consider checking your theme and plugin compatibility. Checking the compatibility of the two depends if you are using OptimizePress theme or OptimizePress plugin.

If using OptimizePress plugin version, go to Appearance and select theme. Choose the default wordpress theme and activate. Reload your website. If the issue was resolved, it means that your theme is not compatible with OptimizePress. On the other hand, if you’re using OptimizePress theme version, disable all plugins. If the website loads well, then you need to go through you plugins to identify which one is incompatible.

You would also try to check the Optimizepress website. We provide regular updates of glitches and bugs that you might be encountering now.

These three solutions are the best we can provide you. I hope these will help. Most of the time, cases like these happen because of incompatible themes or plugins. You just have to deactivate or change them. If you have more questions, feel free to leave comments.

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