Which Plugin Should I Use to Invoice My Customers?

My problem is that I need to invoice my customers after they have made a purchase and I also need to download them to give to my consultant. I tried to do this by using Woocommerce and using the “PDF plugin” for Woocommerce but I could not make them work together. I am not sure if I should pursue using these two or if there is an alternative I could use that uses only Optimize Press. I need advice please.

My Current setup is:

  1. WP 4..2.3
  2. Optimize Press Version
  3. Optimize Member Version 1.2.0
  4. Installed Optimize Press 2 fix for WooCommerce plugin
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invoice plugin

Hey! Using Optimizepress WooCommerce is the most popular way to send and download purchase invoices. Based from statistics, WooCommerce run about 24% of all e- commerce websites. Aside from what you’re using. You can also take advantage of other compatible plug-in to Optimizepress that may effectively help you in sending and downloading the invoice. You can choose between the free and paid plug-ins depending on how it fit your needs. Don’t worry; it’s all easy to set-up!

You can choose from WP- Invoice or Invoiced WP. These free WordPress plugins both create PDF invoices. It also includes plenty of features that can help in creating purchase quotes and receipts. If the two free plugins doesn’t work for your purpose, you can purchase plugins that will best fit for you. You would want to try WP Pro Invoicing system, Sprout Invoices, or WordPress Invoice Pro. These three creates invoices in PDF format and are compatible with OptimizePress. Investing with any of these plugins will not hurt your pocket.

You can also subscribe to some WooCommerce plugins and install it in your OptimizePress. You can either sell memberships directly or link membership to your products with the WooCommerce Membership extension. Accessing products or contents will be easier if your installed this WooCommerce plugin. Don’t burden yourself on scheduling billings and payments. The WooCommerce subscription odd- on will do the job for you. And about the invoices, the WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing slips will help you with this. It can either be generated automatically or manually depending on your preference. You can decide for it.

All the plug-in I mentioned above are proven useful to e-commerce, however, the efficiency of it will always depend on your specific requirements. Anyway, I hope that we have enlightened you on your concerns. You can just try any of the above add- ons and see what works best to you.

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