How to Create a Directory Website using Optimizepress?

I need help with creating a directory website using Optimizepress. I am creating a search page for beach services and would like for users to be able to log in to an editable profile page that can then link to each of the other sites.

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Thanks for referring us your concerns and asking for Optimizepress help. It’s good to know that you’re working on your own directory website. In order to create a profile page to add the client’s information on your site, it is advisable to create a registration form. You can work on a free registration form for your website.. By the way, you have a PayPal account? We will use PayPal Forms or free registration for to start the set- up. But if you don’t have an account, it’s fine. Or you can just create one. It’s just easy.

Go to your OptimizeMember site and check on you PayPal Pro Forms. Select either from the PayPal Pro or Free Registration. Copy the code from the “WordPress Shortcode” field. Go to your website and paste this on the Shortcode/ HTML element on your directory website. This also applies if you are using the OptimizePress LiveEditor.

You need to customize the code. Change the level=”0” to the level of registrant you want to use. Take note to use numbers only. The free registration corresponds to the Level “0”. This is also helpful in adding users of higher level.

Use the ccaps=”” to specify the packages and capabilities. If you have an ebook package, enter the word after the ccaps=””, or if you have several packages, you can still assign all to the user and separate them with comma. For example, ccaps=”video, ebook”.

Placing this form on your page will allow all your visitors to access and register on any specified levels. Keep this URL confidential except if you wish your users to register in the form.

I hope we answered your queries. If you have more questions and concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a comment and we will give you feedback as soon as we can. Good luck to you new website.

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