How to Customize a Transition Page?

Can anyone show me how to customize the transition page that the new member sees when they make payment through paypal? Also how can I set things up so that there user name and password is automatically sent through email once they have finished subscribing?

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What theme are you using now? Some themes have their own thank you or end point pages. If your theme does not have the page, you can see it here: wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/checkout/thankyou.php

We suggest that you don’t customize the file because it may be overwritten by WooCommerce updates. If you really want to do an edit, build a child theme and create a new function.php file. It must include all the changes you made with the hooks.

Customizing the transition page will require you to use a template override, use a hook and filter, and of course, change the website translation. I hope this help.

About your second concern on sending users with their username and password after subscription, please check if you have updated your Optimizepress version. Update your version to Optimizepress version 1.2.1 first so that it will work well.

Check out the new user notification emails at OptimizeMember. Go to General Options, then Email configuration. Select New User Email Configuration and choose Yes. Make sure that you have modified the new user email so that the passwords will no longer be sent to e-mails.

Instead of using %%user_pass%%, change the code to %wp_set_pass_url%%. Users will receive a password reset link that will allow them to set a secret password for the Optimizepress membership site. It’s also their choice if they will use the WordPress generated password or not.

You can send them an e-mail including a statement like, “to set your password, click this link: %%wp_set_pass_url%%

Make sure that you select Yes to allow users create their own password. If you choose No, they will not receive any email about their login information.

Follow the process to check about the e- mail notification.

OptimizeMember > General Options > Email Configuration > New User Email Configuration - "Yes"

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