Why a User is not Created During the Infusionsoft Integration?

Why is a user not created after I send an Http post through to Optimize from Infusion?

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I apologize about your issue. Here is what we can do. Please take note that the Optimizepress Infusionsoft integration can only be created at Infusionsoft.

Have you created a campaign inside the campaign builder? If not, you should make one. Make a campaign inside the infusionsoft campiagn builder and it includes a “Purchase Online” process. This process helps you locate your product purchase in Infusionsoft.

Don’t forget to link this in the sequence element. You need to drop the HTTP Post element and ensure that the parameters are set according to the tutorial for sending the user information to Optimizepress.

Make sure that all steps above are made seamlessly to avoid future issues during the process. Once everything is setup and the process is published and live in Infusionsoft, the user will automatically added in Optimizemember at your preferred level. Anyone who purchase through the Infusionsoft cart/ checkout will automatically have a user at Optimizepress.

I hope this answer your question. Feel free to contact us for future concerns. We are always here to serve you. Thanks!

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