OptimizePress vs Kajabi Comparison

OptimizePress vs Kajabi Comparison

These days it certainly seems as though almost everyone is putting in his or her two cents as to which online content management system is best. There is a big debate over whether Optimizepress, Kajabi or even Leadpages should be used. While those who make the debate say that there might not be all that much functionally different between some of them, Optimizepress and Kajabi actually are radically different. They might even not really do the same thing, and therefore might best be declared as useful to completely different market segments. It's useful to take a look at them both separately.

optimizepress vs kajabi

Exploring Optimizepress vs Kajabi

It's important to note that Optimizepress is designed to interface directly with WordPress, though technically the system could be used by its lonesome. Regardless those who have some sort of a self-hosted WordPress blog or other sort of managed page will get the most out of this sort of a setup. The installation on top of the WordPress platform comes as either a theme or a plug-in, which means that it could be at least in theory looked at as a one-size-fits-all sort of a solution for this type of management.

Looking at Kajabi vs Optimizepress

When looking at the Kajabi online content management system its important to keep in mind that it's not so much a WordPress add-on as it pretty much is WordPress itself. It's a completely self-contained system, but unlike WordPress was never designed as a mere blogging platform. It's supposed to be used for member portal creation, which means that it can be geared toward those promoting information and education material. It's certainly a powerful makreting tool, and contains on-board options for sales funnel sites, squeeze pages, automated marketing content creation and hosted solutions.

Due to its unique design, Kajabi is a hosted solution and eliminates any need for installing scripts to the client site. By making use of cloud hosting, it can handle vast amounts of traffic to member sites. In addition to this, it has constant support and updates offered by in-house engineers.

Debating Optimizepress vs Kajabi

Keep in mind that the system was developed not on the WordPress platform, but instead is a cross-platform operating-system independent structure that was written for use with Ruby on Rails. Those who aren't familiar might not have to familiarize themselves, since the system eliminates the needs for script coding in the first place.

Nevertheless, it could be useful in terms of the debate to learn more about David Heinemeier Hansson's creation and how it applies, especially because its just so different from the manner in which the Optimizepress system functions. It functions as an open source web application framework written in the Ruby programming language, and is managed by the Rails Core Team.

The system is designed to prevent repetition of code. Since it's so radically different from what people are used to, they might be happy to not have to work with it, but it actually functions extremely well. Most notably its one of the most stable structures for this kind of development out there today.

Update Package Installation

Both platforms come with updates, and many of these are constantly being delivered. Some users want to have a constant steady stream, and they'll certainly want to opt for Kajabi for this reason, but those who want to manually control the stream will instead go with Optimizepress since the feed is far more manageable and some people won't want to update at all. Security issues often factor into this kind of discussion as well.

kajabi vs optimizepress

Working with the Two

While it might hurt to have to say so, the debate kajabi vs optimizepress is sort of an either-or type of question. It doesn't really make sense to choose them both. Those who have a self-hosted WordPress solution of any type will probably want to go with Optimizepress and not with Kajabi, but those who haven't installed WordPress or aren't comfortable in working with the platform might want to go with Kajabi instead. As with so many other decisions in the world of Internet marketing, it will ultimately come down to a judgment call that has to be made based on the best available information at the time.

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