New Features of OptimizePress 2.5

New Features of OptimizePress 2.5

We are excited to share to all optimizePress users the improvements made to this platform. After becoming too busy with the enhancement, the next step is to give some OptimizePress 2.5 update and explanations of what we’re doing.

new features of optimizePress 2.5

Discussed below are the new Features of OptimizePress 2.5 such as:

  1. Larger Font Size
  2. Live Editor Performance
  3. Author Bio Box
  4. WYSIWYG Editor
  5. Already Subscribed Feature, and
  6. OptimizeMember

OptimizePress 2.5 is better and more efficient than the previous versions. Several bugs and issues wer resolved through the new optimizePress to give effective and satisfying performance to users.

Larger Fonts

  • We make the fonts larger as to your requests. From the standard font size, we have increased the fonts in twenties. We look forward improving the font sizes through permitting number inputs than scrolling numbers.
  •  Use larger fonts for short yet catchy headlines.

Live Editor Performance

Through optimizing the images, styles, and loading scripts, the Live Editor becomes faster and quicker. The so-called Modularised Loading only allows loading the system parts that are currently needed for the task.

Author Bio Box

  • We have added the author bio box in the new optimizepress platform. Author Bio box discusses you and your qualifications. It connects the author to the readers; however, it doesn’t focus on you. To start the bio box, go to Users, Edit User, and About User. Type the details and click update profile button. Author bio box will display at the bottom of the blog post.
  • Just like other social accounts, having a profile picture is important. The Gravatar is necessary to start your Author Bio. To upload a gravatar, simply sign up at and upload your preferred image. This image will display on sites where you have used your e-mail address.


The WYSIWYG Editor was recoded and now loads faster than before. Write your text with better compatibility using the default WordPress editor on the new OptimizePress.

Already Subscribed Feature

This Optimizepress 2.5 feature redirects existing subscribers to a certain page whenever they sign up again to the e-mail list. Under the Thank You Page URL field is the Already Subscribed Field. This is just an optional feature that is not obtainable for Maropost, OfficeAuto Pilot, and Ontrport.

This new update prompts users about their subscription and gift status, reminding them of the confirmation e-mail and directs them to a page for a free product or gift.

OptimizePress 2.5


The OptimizePress Member has been improved for efficient and flawless performance making it easier to sell protected download and create membership sites. The update includes:

  • Improvements in Optimizepress performance
  • Integrating ClickBank pitch and useful features
  • Efficient Clickbank API
  • Integrated get_levels method to remote API

The team has made some bug fixes and tweaks to improve the system performance through listening to your comments, suggestions, and needs. The new improved Optimizepress has been a success and we hope that you get the best of the platform for your everyday transactions.

If you want to get more features, create an Optimizepress shopping cart and build an Optimizepress sales page right now!


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