LeadPages vs OptimizePress Comparison

LeadPages vs OptimizePress Comparison

There are two major platforms these days when it comes to making quality sales and landing pages that generate sales, and both of them work with the existing WordPress software that most people already have installed on their servers. That means that people argue back and forth between Leadpages and Optimizepress. What people need to realize, though, is that both of them actually have some strong advantages that make them both very attractive to Internet marketers.

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A Little History

James Dyson, who is a graphic designer by trade, designed Optimizepress. That certainly shows in the Optimizepress 2 templates, considering that they have a strong image-based design. Due to his experience in marketing, they also generate results.

On the other hand, Clay Collins designed Leadpages. It's a very different tool and looks very basic at first. Those who want to mess around with code and the like are going to like it, but it generally needs more computer and technical know-how to get to function correctly.

One Side of Leadpages vs Optimizepress 2.0

It might be useful to have a look at James Dyson's solution first. Live Editor from Optimizepress is always the big draw for many marketers. The editor allows users to edit and customize pages extremely easily, and doesn't require coding. People who remember when Front Page Express was extremely popular will probably like this design, though it works with CSS pages instead of discrete HTML.

Nevertheless, there's an entire built-in library of content elements. The new 2.0 design comes packed with tons of on-page graphics, and these include things like pricing tables even.

Leadpages vs Optimizepress 2 Debate

On the other hand, there is another side to this hot debate. At first glance it might look like Leadpages just gives a basic landing page template, but that's not giving it enough credit. There's a specific template for everything here, and they can be redesigned. Best of all the templates can then be published over to a Facebook account, which means that users can collect leads and various opt-ins from Facebook while keeping the same design.

This makes the program far superior when it comes to social networking integration. There's one other thing that works really well in this respect. Leadpages can host landing pages on a local server, and then deliver a link to send traffic to. Naturally this can be saved as a WordPress page and can be integrated with a self-hosted WordPress website.

Leadpages vs Optimizepress 2.0 on Communication

Both programs work great with all of the usual auto responders. Leadpages has been promoting the following lately:

  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • Mail Chimp
  • Office Auto Pilot
  • iContact
  • Get Response
  • Infusion Soft
  • 1 Shopping Cart
  • Go to Webinar.

As a result the two are usually seen as pretty even when it comes to this department. For that matter, a majority of Internet marketing tools now pretty much use the same integration options, which is pretty necessary because of the dominance in the industry of this field. Make sure that the accounts created with the auto response services are in good standing, though, because most problems are actually on that side and not associated with the script-building package integrated with WordPress.

leadpages vs optimizepress 2.0

Choosing Which to Use

When all is said and done, the decision on which one to use will actually just rest on a couple of factors. The most important of these is which a user is more comfortable with working on. Some users are looking for very simple cut and paste designs. Whether they want to use a point and click interface that makes things easy when it comes to cut and paste designs or something to get their code on, they'll find it in one of these designs. Simply choosing the right one shouldn't be too difficult, but the one thing that makes it hard is the fact that they both work nicely. While it might seem useful to try them both out, one is only ever really necessary and there's no real compelling reason to link the two of them together.

Among other things, don't hesitate to check out our hot tips on how to install optimizepress in wordpress.

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