Key Steps in OptimizePress MailChimp Integration

Key Steps in OptimizePress MailChimp Integration

Putting the Optimizepress and Mailchimp platforms together to do work is a great idea. It's an excellent way to manage a campaign, and despite some information to the contrary it's actually really easy to do. There are plenty of people who have complained about the technique, but it shouldn't prove to be that difficult for anyone who's interested in giving it a try. Those who might want to do something new with their mailing list should consider these options.

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Mailing List Design

First off, think of a few reasons that people are signing up for the mailing environment in the first place. There are numerous motives that someone might have when they want to sign up for something. They could end up buying a product, but they might also be interested in an offer of a free newsletter. Keep in mind that if a free newsletter is being promised that something has to deliver.

Actually Putting Content Together

The next step is to assemble content. Those who might not have anything in the way of writing could consider hiring a professional freelance writer. There are services online, which will connect consumers with these writers and help them to acquire the content that can ultimately be sent out to consumers, and thus help to spread a mailing list.

Optimizepress Mailchimp Steps

Key Steps in OptimizePress MailChimp IntegrationKey Steps in OptimizePress MailChimp IntegrationOnce all of this is out of the way, people should log onto their Mailchimp autoresponder system. Naturally those who don't have an account currently should create one. A free account generally lets people send out 12,000 a month or something there of, so those who currently lack an account shouldn't have too much trouble unless they have massive mailing needs.

After having gotten inside of the Mailchimp system, users should be then directed to the list settings in question. Click on the "Create a List" button if not taken to them, and fill out the necessary information starting with list name. A reply email and company address will generally also have to be provided as well. Click on save and there should be some success information to illustrate that the list had been created.

Guts of Optimizepress Mailchimp Integration

Since the list has now been created, a subscription form needs to be created over in Optimizepress. When setting up a squeeze page, be sure to create fields that match up with the required fields that are already present in Mailchimp. This will help to ensure an easy integration process. Those who are interested in the process more than likely already have a good working command of the way that Optimizepress can be used to create squeeze and landing pages, so this shouldn't be hard for them. The process follows along the same used to create any other page in the software, so this should be quite speedy for those who are already experienced.

Forms in Mailchimp for Optimizepress

Head back to Mailchimp and create a form that follows the same exact fields in the same order from top to bottom, which should help to avoid a wrongful configuration between the two forms that are about to be joined. Once done go to the one click process back in Optimizepress and wait a moment. If everything worked out the code in Optimizepress will now have automatically detected all of the fields, and now these will be relayed to a valid Mailchimp account.

optimizepress mailchimp integration

The most common problems area all associated with Mailchimp accounts. Those having problems are really encouraged to take a look over at the fields they used on the one click integration setting to ensure that their account data was entered accurately. Many people make a small mistake and that ends up messing everything up, so do be sure that the information was entered accurately.

Most important are those who had to create new accounts. A new password is easily forgotten, so make sure the login credentials are accurate. While this probably sounds extremely bush league, its entirely too common. Worse is that brand new Mailchimp users who make this make this mistake are embarrassed by it. It's completely common so never worry at all about it. Make the credential changes and simply move along.

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