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Payment transaction is the most critical phase of the business process. This needs reliable, dependable, and secured payment platforms to ensure successful transfer of funds from the buyer to the merchant. A failure in the transaction may lose you customers and may leave the business with negative feedback and impressions. You don’t want that, right? To most businesses, integrating the best and outstanding payment gateway is vital. optimizepress

One of the most trustworthy payment gateways is the It allows merchants to accept electric check and credit card payments of any means, whether you sell on mobile, store, or online.

Since 1996, authorize. Net has been the leading trusted payment partners of all businesses.

Your optimizepress business may benefit from the advantages of You might want to integrate this two and leverage your website sales. Integrating optimizepress and is easy. Learn how. You can also learn more about Sagepay Optimizepress. Optimizepress Integration

In just few simple steps, can be set- up to your e-commerce website. By then, you can offer your customers with seamless and secured payment processing option., as a powerful payment gateway, helps your business grow and succeed.

To integrate Optimizepress, follow instructions below:

  1. Go to If you don’t have an account yet, click sign up. Input all important details required to completely set-up an account.
  2. Once successfully signed up, log-in to your account and go to the Payment option at the Settings Tab.
  3. Choose your country and encode at the Gateway Name.
  4. If you have existing payment options at OptimizePress, deactivate it to make as your default payment gateway.
  5. From the drop down menu, select as your payment gateway.
  6. Enter the Transaction Key and API I.D on the empty fields. Click SAVE once done. To get the Key and I.D, go to Settings link at your website. Under the General Security Settings section, you’ll find the Transaction Key and API Login ID. Answer the Secret Questions to retrieve the key and I.D.
  7. At the Address Verification Settings, select the transactions to discard. Based from the desired selection, will reject specific transactions. The AVS selection codes B, E, R, S, U, G, and N are most recommended. is now available to your OptimizePress. To process real transactions, turn off the Test Mode. See instructions below to turn- off the test mode.

  1. Go to Settings> Security Settings> General Security Settings. Click the Test Mode link to be directed to the Test Mode Page.
  2. Select the Turn Test Off if it is turned on.

optimizepress and is now available as a payment gateway for your e-commerce. Your customers will surely feel satisfied and guaranteed with this payment options than the others. The same way, you as the merchant, will feel relieve from any disruption that may happen.

Through the, you will experience faster and seamless transactions with your clients. This feature will make you earn more customers. The domino effect is you’ll get more sales and return of investments.

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