How to Use OptimizePress Wishlist Member

How to Use OptimizePress Wishlist Member

Launching a membership site online requires uses to have certain templates in the system. They could theoretically hire out a designer, but Wishlist combined with OptimizePress makes everything so much easier. By using these two systems everything can end up being handled much more simply than it might otherwise have been. As a result, people can actually end up saving money and creating superior designs. These templates are actually a lot better, and working with them shouldn't be too hard. That's why so many people have ended up flocking to this particular platform.

optimizepress wishlist member

Making an Optimizepress Wishlist Member

An individual membership site has to have the following templates to be influential in today's world of dynamic marketing:

  • Login pages
  • Blog pages filled with content
  • Product launch pages
  • Sales Funnels
  • Membership content pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Video opt in sites
  • Sales pages separate from the funnels.

The theme that comes with Optimizepress is more than enough to over all of these things, which is why many people have already adopted it. That being said, it sometimes just isn't enough. There are situations where something else will be needed. Individuals who do need to move beyond the basics will be attracted to the Wishlist plug-in system. Special features offered by it include:

  • Differing membership levels
  • Membership site content protection
  • Management for members
  • Membership payment setup
  • Subscription-based membership site sequential content delivery.

These features combine to put together a decent membership site.

When Optimizepress Member Plugin is Needed

The bare installation of Optimizepress is certainly geared toward Internet marketing types, and much of the design features things that are very useful to those who are putting forth physical product launches. Those who want to create a full-featured membership site are going to want a little something more to make their site of value. Optimizepress does contain one thing, though, that's helpful.

The blog template in Optimizepress ultimately ships with content on a single side of the page, a sidebar widget and a horizontal menu. This is more than enough to actually promote membership site content on a search engine, and can be useful for adding additional content to the membership site in order to tease in non-members. That being said this isn't a full membership site script, and that's where Wishlist comes into play.

Making an Optimizepress Wishlist Member

One of the big things that twist the wishlist member vs optimizepress argument involves the fact that the member plugin and Digital Access Pass both work very similarly and can both deliver content to members. Web masters should be able to choose between the two platforms without too much trouble, and some make use of both. Wishlist is a great way to build a content page for members after they have already been attracted by existing content on a regular existing blog. Either way, it's ultimately needed as a script.

Using PHP and Other Scripts

When adding onto the optimizepress member plugin pay close attention to scripts. This is the real reason that the basic installation can't just be used over and over again. People often want to try and use the same script as many times as possible, but this is hardly necessary when working with this unique combination of plug-ins. Instead of doing so make sure to exhaust the PHP that the system gives you. This will keep everything looking fresh, but still maintain a clean and uniform look throughout an entire site design.

wishlist member vs optimizepress

Figuring Out a Concept

All of this design conceptualization isn't worth anything if the concept isn't solid to begin with. Without a solid design concept there isn't a reason to try and promote anything. Make sure that the concept is based around something that people are actually interested in. Tease them, lead in them in with good solid content, and provide a value-added product that makes them want to keep coming back. Once they recognize your site as an authority they won't be able to stop themselves from signing up. That's what helps to attract people and keep them coming back to a membership site, even if they have to pay or otherwise subscribe to remain a member of it.

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