stripe and optimizepress

How to Integrate Stripe on Optimizepress Website

OptimizePress has becoming an effective platform to start businesses and engage with people in the web. As more and more people are using it, OptimizePress make sure that it offers the best to its users. Now, another feature of the system has been added, which will give a total ease to business men and online marketers in making transactions online.

stripe and optimizepress

Stripe and optimizepress has just been integrated. This is good news to everyone, who plans to run a membership site or sell online, using their credit card. Compared to using paypal, integrating stripe to your OptimizePress account doesn’t require a merchant account and other tedious requirements to set-up the payment platform. The integration of optimizepress 2.0 stripe allows you to set-up your website and start payment transactions instantly. This lifts the hassle brought by setting up PayPal and waiting several days before you can use it.

Stripe and OptimizePress Integration

Setting up stripe is easy. Follow the below steps will help you run optimizepress with stripe.

  1. Type to your browser. If you’re new to Stripe, click sign up to register. If you have an existing account, you’re good to go.
  2. Once logged in, create your plans.
  3. Go to and click the API keys tab to get the Publishable key and Secret Key. You can use both these keys later on in the process.
  4. In the key section, these API keys will be needed. When in test mode, copy the test keys and paste it on the designated areas in the integration tab.
  5. Copy and paste your OptimizePress webhook URL in the Stripe Webhooks. This is located in the Account setting. Set it to enable.
  6. Go back to the integration tab found at Integration tab> Stripe Integration> Billing Section. Choose the type of membership level your member needs to register and pay.
  7. Set Yes in the Hook of the Stripe plan, then select from the drop own the plan you created.
  8. Once done, save the settings and copy the button code, then paste it on OptimizePress.

Benefits of Integrating OptimizePress 2.0 Stripe

You are now good to go. After integrating Stripe to your account, you can now experience another level of convenience in making payment transactions online. What’s best with Stripe?

  • Easy Setup
  • Automate recurring billing
  • Multi- currency
  • One- time payments
  • Sell in different sites with multiple currency
  • Accessible in 198 countries
  • Offers downsells and upsells in OptimizePress
  • Automated account creation
  • Customized Welcome e-mail
  • Free from monthly merchant fees

Integrating this payment platform to your OptimizerPress website will help your business grow better and faster. With the instant payment transactions, customers can easily make transfers. At the same time, your business can take advantage of having more sales than before.

optimizepress 2.0 stripe

Stripe, as the fastest and most efficient payment method, makes your Optimizepress website accessible to all kinds of customers. With just simple steps, you are ready to interact with customers.

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