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How to Integrate Optimizepress with GetResponse

Many were curious about the process of integrating Optimizerpress with GetResponse. In this post, we will be discussing the detailed tutorial on how to incorporate optimizepress getresponse using the API integration. Through this, the setting up procedures of get response is discussed that enables you to work with OptimizerPress, which will then be transferred to the GetResponse in an opt-in form from the OptimizePress.

optimizepress getresponse

Below are the step-by-step procedures of getresponse optimizepress integration.

  1. GetResponse Tutorial

  1. Open your GetResponse account and Log-in.

  2. Choose the campaign set-up to be added in your opt-ins. If you don’t have an existing campaign set-up, click the Campaigns dropdown and select Create Campaigns.

optimizepress getresponse

  1. Type the new campaign name. This should be relevant and elated to the page or site you’re using. Use only lowercase numbers and letters when entering the details.

optimizepress getresponse

  1. After creating the campaign, make an autoresponder follow up messages. To do this, follow the guides from GetResponse, or follow the nest integration procedures.

optimizepress getresponse

  1. Click the My Account tab and select Account Details to get the API key.

optimizepress getresponse

  1. Select the Use GetResponse API.

optimizepress getresponse

  1. Turned on the API and copy the API key shown on your screen. This is a confidential password, so keep it a secret.

getresponse optimizepress

  1. OptimizerPress Tutorial

  1. Go to your OptimizerPress Site to continue with the integration.

  2. Go to your Dashboard, and then Email Marketing Services, then GetResponse. Paste the copied API key under the GetResponse API key.

getresponse optimizepress

  1. Go to the opt-in element or LiveEditor Page for integration. If you decide to add a new element, go to the element list and select Opt-in.

getresponse optimizepress

  1. Choose your desired Opt-in form design.

getresponse optimizepress

  1. Customize the opt-in forms through the following options:

  1. Go to the Integration Type drop down and select GetResponse

  2. Go to the Provider List and select the campaign you created. (This loads slowly, so be patient.)

  3. In the Thank You Page URL box, paste your own URL. Through this, visitors will be directed to the page after they got opt-in. Remember: The standard thank you page of GetResponse cannot be used when utilizing API integration.

getresponse optimizepress

  1. You may also want to check other options for future purposes.

    1. Click disable name to disable the name field.

    2. Make sure that the Name field must be the same with your name in the GetResponse Field

    3. The Extra Name Fields may be used to ass more fields. This is not advisable for normal users.

getresponse optimizepress

  1. Select Insert to set-up your opt-in form and prepare to collect opt-ins.

  2. Before getting live, test your form and ensure that the correct contact details are seen on the page.

getresponse optimizepress

Above are the detailed guides in integrating you OptimizerPress with Get Response. The process is very simple and will not take you long to set-up your account.

Enjoy your new thank you page with the help of both OptimizerPress and GetResponse. You are now ready to market your page. Good Luck!

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