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How to Integrate ActiveCampaign with Optimizepress

Integrating ActiveCampaign with OptimizerPress is convenient. Anyone, even those who are not techy or indeed optimizepress experts, can work on the process of activecampaign optimizepress integration. Many have tried and become successful in implementing the methods. For those who are new and would like to start building a market, you can follow the guidelines below to begin upgrading your website, and gain more customers than the usual.

activecampaign optimizepress

Prepare and accept the fields using a built-in form builder. You can also paste the codes generated to OptimizerPress. With just a few twists, you’re all set to use your ActiveCampaign.

Integrating Optimizepress Activecampaign

Below are the detailed guides in integrating ActiveCampaign with OptimizerPress. This will not take you long.

  1. Design a form in ActiveCampaign with all the detail fields you want to get.

Designing a subscription form is made possible by ActiveCampaign. You can simply work on the forms and integrate to your site or Facebook account.

If you don’t know how, follow the below guide.

optimizepress activecampaign

  1. On ActiveCamp, clik Apps Tab to manage form subscription.

activecampaign optimizepress

  1. At the ipper right, click Add Form to create a new form. Name your form.

activecampaign  optimizepress

  1. Build your form through the Build Your Subscription Form page. Add fields from left to right. Drag and drop to position the fields.

activecampaign optimizepress

  1. In the Opt-in Confirmation Tab, you can work on the subscriptions. Edit the from Email, From Name, and the Subject of your confirmation email. The actual e-mail message can also be accessed here.

optimizepress activecampaign

  1. In the Form Settings tab, you can set the page after their subscription, subscription confirmation, or if they bump into an error. Click the Subscription Confirmation Page to edit these items.

optimizepress activecampaign

After creating and designing your subscription form through the ActiveCampaign, you can now begin integrating with you site Tab.

The steps below will guide you to the completion of the ActiveCampaign and OptimizerPress integration.

  1. Copy and paste the HTML Form code to a text editor. A notepad or textedit will suffice.

  2. Delete all the CSS or from <style> to </style> and <divs> inside the <form></form> tags. Do not remove <input> tags.

optimizepress activecampaign

  1. There will be remaining codes in the HTML form. Copy the codes.

optimizepress activecampaign

  1. Go to your WordPress account and make a new page. Include an OptimizePress opt in box.

  2. Pasted the edited code under the Form HTML box.

optimizepress activecampaign

  1. Instances that OptimzePress consider and fill u the first name field with “f”. Ensure that the field is not mapped to “f”, instead to “firstname”.

activecampaign optimizepress

  1. On your form, add https: at the start of your URL. The http: is only advisable if you are using CNAME. In this case, the form was already filled correctly.

activecampaign optimizepress

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated OptimizePress with ActiveCampaign. You can now send emails to you customers and notice how you income grows. Your website inclination will become better and wiser.

You might also want to integrate e-mail service with Optimizepress or incorporate optimizepress getresponse.


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