How to Install OptimizePress Correctly

How to Install OptimizePress Correctly

While the software is really great for those who want to get everything that they possibly can out of WordPress, it can be really difficult to install optimizepress. At times it can be touchy, but this isn't actually the fault of the software. It has much more to do with the fact that server side installations aren't ever as smooth as they should be. This is more of a problem associated with trying to upload things and get them to run outside of a test environment, so those who have installed more than one thing on top of WordPress in the past will be in better shape when it comes to set this piece of software up.

how to install optimizepress

Figuring Out How to Install Optimizepress

Generally people initially upload to the server as though it were any other theme. Indeed, the software is supposed to work the same way that a theme works. However, it might not go so smoothly.

Use the using wp-admin theme installation menu to configure it and then activate the theme. If it turns on then nothing else is necessary. All out configurations will be done as though it were any other themes. Activate the main theme settings and then go through as if any other theme were being set up. If there were no problems with this then there shouldn't really be any other issues, and different settings may be manipulated through their radio buttons the same way that installation would always otherwise take. The only concerns happen when things don't run so smoothly, which they certainly should have at this point.

Hard to Install Optimizepress

The problems come when trying to activate a theme. One of the most common errors people see is the following:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare duplicate_post_save_as_new_post() (previously declared in /home/aperfect/public_html/wp-content/plugins/duplicate-post/duplicate-post-admin.php:11) in /home/aperfect/public_html/wp-content/themes/OptimizePress/admin/duplicate-post-admin.php on line 33

Users who receive that line of text can be mortified, but they don't have to be. First close the page, clear the browser cache and then login again. This might very well fix the problem right there.

Fixing the Install Optimizepress Operation

On the other hand, the error might show up all over again and sometimes the Admin panel might not show. If this is the case then they might have some kind of Duplicate Post plug-in, which will ultimately conflict with the new theme.

To fix this problem, don't log into the site and switch to the Twenty Ten theme. Rename the current theme's folder in the wp-content/themes section through FTP. Then access /wp-login/php to get the system kickstarted, though it should be noted that this will only allow the user to then use their system through a different theme. Log back in, remove the offending plug-ins and then try to set up the Optimizepress system all over again.

The Easier Way

Of course, the easiest way to do all of this is to instead start with a completely fresh installation of WordPress. While this is seldom an option, those who are setting up new sites will want to install Optimizepress before setting up other add on features or even other themes. Remember that the plug-in is designed to work the same way a theme does, so keep this in mind when setting it up. It might become important ultimately if trying to install extra themes.

how to install optimizepress in wordpress

Installing Update Packages

Eventually the day will come when Optimizepress will be updated, and users will have to make a decision as to whether or not they even want to install the new updates. In many situations if their existing installation were working then they wouldn't even have to do this. On the other hand there are cases where they will need to, or at least want some new feature. In those cases the individual ZIP files will come with specific directions about installing them onto an existing installation. In some cases it would be possible to start fresh elsewhere while maintaining an existing blog and run two different versions of the package side by side. This shouldn't cause too much trouble, but don't try to port too much stuff between the two of them either.

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