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How to Fix Mobile Version of OptimizePress Website

What you should know before you can fix mobile version of OptimizePress Website

Everything you create with OptimizePress is mobile responsive so technically any problem with an OptimizePress website is going to be a mobile version bug. OptimizePress is a very popular WordPress theme and plugin and part of what makes it so popular is that everything you create with it is automatically mobile ready without having to do anything extra. When you do encounter a problem with your OptimizePress website there are so basic troubleshooting steps you can take.

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Troubleshooting to fix OptimizePress websites

OptimizePress was designed for WebPress and is often used to make a WordPress site mobile friendly. Essentially when you have OptimizePress issues you need to deal with, it is to fix mobile version sites of WordPress. If you have a problem, you can start by taking these basic troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure you are running the latest versions of OptimizePress and WordPress. This is the first thing you will want to look at and many issues people have are a result of outdated versions of either OptimizePress or WordPress. If you are running OptimizeMember make sure that the version you are using is also up-to-date.
  • Check for plugin and theme compatibility. How you check this will depend on if you are using the OptimizePress plugin or the OptimizePress theme:
    • OptimizePress plugin version – Go to Appearance and select Themes. Activate one of the default WordPress themes. Your theme will automatically be deactivated when you do this. Test your particular issue again. If it no longer exists then your theme is the problem and is not compatible with OptimizePress.
    • OptimizePress theme version – Go to plugins and disable all plugins. If this solves the problem then you will need to go through the plugins individually to determine which one is incompatible.
  • Check the OptimizePress website – OptimizePress has a list of known bugs and glitches that they update on a regular basis.

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A majority of problems will usually be located by following these three steps. OptimizePress is compatible with the majority of WordPress plugins but not all. Unfortunately, in order to fix mobile version problems you may sometimes have to change your theme or avoid certain plugins. A list of known incompatible plugins is on the OptimizePress website but a plugin not on their list could still prove to be incompatible. If by following these steps, you still can't fix mobile site problems, it may be necessary to contact our team of OptimizePress experts below.


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