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How to Create an Ecommerce Website in Optimizepress

The web is a wider arena in building business opportunities. More and more people are engaging to online commerce since it advanced to a bigger scope, providing extra income and doubling revenues than the usual. The WordPress became a great platform to start online businesses as it is free and offers convenience. So if you’re planning to start a business, start-up with wordpress.

optimizepress woocommerce

With the existence of Optimizepress, businesses became more competitive because of the exceptional features it offers. Moreover, it can be integrated to certain website that gives advantages and benefits to both users and admins. You can now sell any types of products and services without any hassle. No need to pay for an IT developer to build your own website, because you can just simply do it at your wordpress account.

WooCommerce is the widely known eCommerce plugin that offers variety of exceptional features for your business. It is integrated with highly innovative structures that help business grow. With WooCommerce, an optimizepress shopping cart automatically displays in the menu bar, which give ease in your business transactions.

In this post, we will learn how to create an e-commerce site through the integration of optimizepress woocommerce.

Installing WordPress

  1. Log-in to your hosting account.
  2. Click and install the simple scripts icon on the sub directory.
  3. If your WordPress URL is YourOnlineBusiness.com, you can install the YourOnlineBusiness.com**/Shop as a second version on the sub-directory.
  4. The WordPress second version installs once the simple script take over.
  5. Save the log-in credentials once installation is complete.

Installing WooCommerce Plugin

optimizepress woocommerce

Image credit: pluginu.com

  1. To install WooCommerce, log-in to your new WordPress admin.
  2. Go to Plugin and click Add New Button.
  3. Select WooCommerce and choose Install the Plugin. Automatically plugin activates.

Uploading and Activating the WooCommerce Theme

  1. Upload your desired theme. An existing template can be used, but if you want to use a specific theme, you’re free to do so.
  2. Once uploaded, activate the theme.

optimizepress shopping cart

Setting up E-commerce Store

To set-up you site, make sure that everything is in it. Add the products and its prices.

To set-up the WooCommerce plugin, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Plugin
  2. Select “Add New”.
  3. Enter the term “ WooCommerce”
  4. Once the WooCommerce is activated, a message box will pop out asking for your confirmation in installing the shopping pages.
  5. Installing the shopping pages includes two options.
  6. Manually configuring the WooCommerce setting by clicking “Install WooCommerce pages”. Afterwards, follow the steps shown, or
  7. Once a demo content data has already imported, select “Skip Setup”. The demo content has already a pre-built WooCommerce. Meaning, everything was installed.
  8. Once installed, it automatically creates the Shop, Cart, Checkout, and My Account option at the top of the page.

WooCommerce is a helpful tool to make everything fine for your business. Now, you have successfully integrated the WooCommerce to you WordPress account, so start earning big from these simple and small steps to administer the set-up of WooCommerce. Now you can learn more about an Optimizepress sales page and why you should hire an Optimizepress designer.

Start using your Optimizepress WooCommerce now!


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