How to Build an OptimizePress Webinar

How to Build an OptimizePress Webinar

Building an optimizepress membership plugin obviously involves the use of membership content to begin with, but a Webinar series takes much more than this. It takes good information as well as a solid way of presenting that information. Those who are experienced with making videos for the Web are probably already familiar with everything that this specialized form of the art of television production takes. Those who aren't will certainly want to take advantage of a few special items that the included platform provides.

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Setting up an Optimizepress Webinar

There are two primary templates that come with the scripts that most people who work with it will come across, and those two will be what they end up using. That means that familiarizing themselves with these two items is extremely important when it comes to working on the overall setup. The features that these two templates have to offer include:

  • An overlay optimizer routine
  • Micro commitment focus
  • Two step process to convert leads
  • Full screen backgrounds at around 1280 x 960
  • Product image showcase
  • Social sharing
  • Working environments.

While many of these were created with the express idea of using them to promote physical products, they can still be geared toward production of an actual Webinar rather than something that's being sold that has to be shipped to the consumer in full.

Working on the Optimizepress Webinar

There are a few other features that can be included. For instance a delayed pop up might be added when working on the series in order to get people who are already there and already reading things to click on what they see and sign up if they want to watch the videos. If this is promoted correctly they will want to do so for sure.

Many people have suggested that they like to set the overlay optimizer function to fade in after maybe twenty or thirty seconds. The item will them offer a free gift just for joining. Naturally many people use this to promote an e-book or long PDF that's needed to follow along with the Webinar, so those offering full marketing courses or the like will tend to be attracted to these.

Finishing the Optimizepress Webinar

Once everything is done many people will set that same optimizer to come up when the user is leaving the page. It could be used to offer a free report or a download to encourage people to register. This is debatable. Some advanced Web masters feel that this really does encourage people to sign up, but some Web users find it annoying. It might be good to test it on some, but make sure not to use it too extensively or people will tend to have negative brand image associations, which is not something that anyone wants to have when it comes to their product or service.

Having Promotional Considerations

Once people sign up they might like what they see, but if they don't then they certainly aren't going to stick around. Good solid video content is necessary, and in some cases people will be expecting to listen to some form of a podcast as well. This means that even a well promoted series isn't going to stick around if it doesn't really have anything to offer, since people aren't going to take kindly to spending money on something that they're already aware of. Offer good solid tips and make sure that your clientele considers you a real authority on the issues.

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Keeping People Onboard

Remember that many of these features were once offered via physical materials. They were sometimes offered as a physical videocassette-marketing program that also came with manuals, as well as a newsletter. There was a reason for this - the newsletter kept people engaged and reminded them that they had a video series there to study. Write an email newsletter and link people to it, or distribute it straight, along with links back to the Optimize Press site. Don't spam accounts, but remember to keep in contact with the readership at all times.

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