How to Build a Perfect OptimizePress Squeeze Page

How to Build a Perfect OptimizePress Squeeze Page

Building a good squeeze page takes a little practice. It's best to have everything all prepared before going to far with things. Make sure that the product or service that's being launched has an ordered campaign that will make people want to purchase what's being sold. If this can't be met then no one should expect that the actual campaign would otherwise go anywhere, and no amount of quality squeeze pages or anything else would at all help to encourage people to buy products.

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Keeping an Ordered Campaign

When gathering materials for the squeeze page, make sure that there are graphics associated with the product and a quality letterhead. These things along with a company logo will be etched into the minds of consumers for some time. Those who don't necessarily have them should take a moment to explore Optimizepress and see if they can't come up with something using the pre-built items that are included.

Making an Optimizepress Squeeze Page

How to Build a Perfect OptimizePress Squeeze PageRemember that a squeeze page is generally made from a short page or an overlay, and it comes up when a site is first visited. The idea is that the page will attract attention and get people to sign up in exchange for videos, email newsletters or even a report. iContact, Infusionsoft or aWeber can handle these signups.

These are used to collect names and email addresses. Make sure that not too much focus is on the sale, since having a good marketer and customer relationship will increase sales when there's not too much focus on them. When users sign up on the squeeze page they'll receive a confirmation email, and to make sure this happens head over to the Optimizepress Pages: Add New section.

Finishing the Optimizepress Squeeze Page

On the far right side of the title screen there's an OptimizePress Help box, which has a few headings in it. Click on the View Template Gallery and then select the Squeeze Pages link. This will give several different designs to look at and preview, but not actually use in a layout. Once one has been selected close the gallery and go back to the right hand side of the Dashboard. Scroll down to the Page Attributes heading and select the template that was interesting.

Once this is done the Editor function in Optimizepress will be automatically activated, though it can be manually selected if the automatic function failed to work. Once here the actual content of the page should be added fairly simply. The text will generally promote a specific resource, such as offering a book, report or other digital free download to the user if they sign up.

Signing with Optimizepress Squeeze Page Templates

Do remember that email is but one thing that can be done, and the Editor allows users to enter whatever they want to. Some people capitalize on this fact in order to collect cellular telephone numbers, which they send SMS text messages to. Since people take their phones everywhere, this is an easy way to stay in touch with them.

Some people will also take the opportunity to embed a small video clip or something similar into the page. While these are sometimes viewed as annoying, they can teach a possible client a great deal about a product or service in question.

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Things to Keep in Mind

When designing a page like this, keep a few things in mind like what it's going to look like when all is said and done. Too often people forget that there's a preview function, which sometimes could have been used to save a user from an otherwise embarrassing error. Naturally it's also possible to backtrack. Sometimes a user will set up a squeeze page that looks bad and figure that they're stuck with it, but they're not.

They could just as easily go back and fix things if they took the time to do so, and this is always a good idea. When working on these pages remember that nothing is set in stone, and Optimizepress gives one the opportunity to go back and make some retroactive changes should anything happen. In fact, frequent updates are often recommended to keep things nice and fresh when it comes time for search engines to index sales and squeeze pages.

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