clickbank for optimizepress

ClickBank for Optimizepress: Full Installation Guide

Sell the best products and services, and provide your customers with the greatest value from your offerings through Clickbank. Clickbank is one of the trusted online marketplaces to make transactions and connect with your vendors and affiliates. Through this this platform, finding the right affiliate is easier and faster to promote your products and services.

clickbank for optimizepress

Integrating Clickbank to your Optimzepress is an intelligent act you might want to consider. Just like anybody body else, who have tried and succeeded with the integration, you too can do and experience the same.

Incorporating clickbank for optimizepress is easy. Follow the below simple steps and processes to successfully set- up optimizepress 2.0 clickbank.

OptimizePress and ClickBank Integration

  1. Sign up a ClickBank account. If you’re new to the system, start creating an account at Select the Sign Up option at the Homepage and select the “Learn More About Sign Up” under DIY sign up option. You will be directed to a page and scroll down. Select your preferred plan and follow the instructions to set-up the ClickBank account.
  2. Once registered, you’re now ready to log in to your new account.
  3. Click the settings tab and get the API keys to integrate the optimize member.
  4. Scroll down the My Account Page and you’ll see the Clerk API keys and Developer API keys. These are the keys needed to start the setting up process.
  5. Go back to My Account Page and copy both Keys.
  6. Go to your OptimizePress and OptimzeMember Site Website. Select ClickBank Options. If you don’t see the ClickBank options, go to Other Gateways and check the ClickBank option. Save it and refresh the browser. It will automatically show in the side bar.
  7. Select the ClickBank Account Details Tab and input the account username. On the next two boxes, the API Keys are needed. Just paste the Clerk API and Developer Key in it.
  8. Click on the IPN v2.1Integration just below the ClickBank Account Details Tab. Another API Key will be asked. To create a key, go back to your CLickBank Account.
  9. Go to My Site. Scroll down until you see the Secret Key and Instant Notification URL at the Advanced Tool Tab. Click Edit. Input important details like the Secret Key and Instant Notification Key. The Secret Key must be 16 characters, combination of upper case letters and numbers. You’ll find the Instant Notification Key under the IPN v2.1 Integration. This is a unique code for every ClickBank Account. Copy the Secret Key and click Save Changes.
  10. Go back to your OptimizePress Membership Website and paste the Secret Key at the IPN/ Secret Key Tab. Select Save Changes. Your ClickBank and OptimizePress main settings are now integrated.
  11. Go to My product. Click Add Product and enter all the information needed in the page to create your product. Save all changes.

optimizepress 2.0 clickbank

The above simple steps will not take you time to successfully set- up the integration. After that, you are now ready to display, promote, and sell your products.

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