Choosing Between OptimizePress Theme and Plugin

Choosing Between OptimizePress Theme and Plugin

To be perfectly honest there are plenty of marketers who don't know much about Web design. They have great ideas when it comes to promoting a service or a product, and many of them can put together a great Webinar that teaches others about the value of advertising. Many people actually don't know much about Web design and therefore they are attracted to the Optimize Press platform, since it will ultimately help them do things more quickly. Regardless, they don't know whether to use the theme or use the plug-in. That is why it's a good idea to compare them before trying them out. It will save time in the long run.

optimizepress theme or plugin

Picking Optimizepress Theme vs Plugin

The theme is actually very well developed and features a number of different options. Those who are into marketing might want to have a look at the following:

  • Squeeze page builders
  • Sales letter builders
  • Built-in offer page systems
  • One-click video installation
  • iPad and iPhone compatibility options
  • Shortcode elements
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Built in search engine optimization features, which might help to explain the name.

This makes many individuals choose the theme over the plug-in. These features are in theory available to users of both, but they really do make the theme shine more than anything else.

Choosing Optimizepress WordPress Theme

Price might be the real reason that people make this decision in the whole optimizepress theme or plug-in debate, however. The theme costs $79, but has a regular price of around $297. While some people might be saying to themselves that those prices sound rather high, they actually aren't. They're fair, and that attracts people to the theme. People use many different techniques to build sales pages for themselves.

They've used static discrete HTML, PHP static, PHP dynamic and WordPress itself. All of these take a great deal of work. Since the theme takes most of the work out of this and makes everything move much more quickly there is a great deal of time saved. That translates into money, especially for those who have to launch numerous pages in order to appropriately launch some sort of a product. Services can be designed around these features as well.

Optimizepress WordPress Theme Cons

There are few cons to it, but there are reasons that people will want to use the plug-in instead. On some WordPress installations the plug-in works much better. This is especially true for those who aren't building a page from the start. If they want to, as an alternative, use some existing page instead they kind of have to choose the plug-in. Fortunately it carries with it all of the advantages of the theme, and that has made it just as attractive of a choice. In this respect the decision very often comes down to a judgment call based on preferences more than anything else.

Putting Pages Together

Either function is going to allow people to design sites, and that should be kept in mind when making the call. Anyone who has worked with the original actual WordPress function should be more than capable of working with this new matrix, and the interface is very intuitive. When it comes to uploading and linking videos it might work a little more easily with the theme, but that's not really a mark against the plug-in version anyway.

Concluding the Comparison

In the end either function is going to work fine, and people shouldn't have to put too much thought into the decision if they're willing to buy it from an official source and they're starting fresh. Those adding it to some kind of existing function will either want to create a new directory to install the theme into and have something separate from the current installation, or alternatively just opt for the plug-in altogether.

optimizepress theme vs plugin

Those who are creating membership pages will probably go with the first function, since the new member design would be separate from the usual blog anyway. Webmasters who are making the decision might also want to look at screenshots before doing anything else so that they know what kind of material that they're looking at. The old adage about a picture saying a thousand words is very true here.

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