Best 10 OptimizePress Templates Ever

When looking at a current list of optimizepress 2 templates, it's easy to get overwhelmed. There are just so many which actually come with the package, and even then downloading expansion packs can expand those on. It just can be a little much all things considered, because there are awfully great deals of packages that someone could choose from. This guide was designed with users who feel overwhelmed in mind. Experts took the time to compile a list that should, at least in theory, show what kinds of pieces go where.

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Experimenting with Optimizepress 2 Templates

Despite all this advice on good design, don't be afraid to go a little off the wall and just pick what looks nice. There's nothing wrong with doing that kind of thing, especially when switching between landing page designs and squeeze page designs. There is so much in common with these two that those who trade the two off shouldn't really have to worry if they make what some professional designers might consider to be a mistake and switch the two up.

Top Five Optimizepress Template List

This list isn't exhaustive, and it's not sorted by best to worst merely because there are so many good designs. That being said this is the list that a majority of designers have come to ultimately agree upon:

Squeeze Page Design #81) Squeeze Page Design #8 may not have the best name out of all the samples, but it certainly is rather nice. It has the very clean and professional look people expect out of a modern squeeze page combined with actually fairly decent typesetting.

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Free Trial2) The template used to create the Free Trial pages is another based on the basic ones that actually ship with Optimizepress, and it has the kind of form that actually makes people click and enter in their email.

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Social Media Model3) There's another version of the same Optimizepress template that was used to create a Social Media Model campaign merely by adding a letterhead and embedding in a video file, thus illustrating just how expandable this platform really is.

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Land Fusion4) The template used to create the Land Fusion page is divided into two separate sections, and makes an excellent style for those who want to create mobile device sites that are also fully accessible on a regular computer.







Restoration Life5) Restoration Life's template is very similar in that it can display quite well on a tablet or other device, but still looks just as good on a full-sized computer too.

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Latter Five Optimizepress Template List

Again, while these are in no particular order the back five are:

Positive Intelligent Technologies6) Some templates, like those used for the Positive Intelligent Technologies page, are extremely simple and mirror those that are used in a default WordPress installation. That by no means makes them bad, however.

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creative reuses for templates7) Some creative reuses for templates have come up, such as is demonstrated here. It's fully possible to use one of the numbered squeeze page settings and create a landing page designed around it.


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advertise Optimizepress8) Ironically one of the finest templates is the one that's actually used to advertise Optimizepress, but then again it probably should be considering that there is need to promote the platform effectively.

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Sakura9) Sakura used a particularly neat one as a landing page, and it makes that particular site look very professional to say the least. Presenting one as an expert is what matters in the end.

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Webmasters10) Probably the most common content template is illustrated here, which allows Webmasters to create content for subscription users that they will access once they've gained the right to visit a particular site.

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Downloading an Extra

Most people are more than happy with the material that comes with the system, but some people want a little more. Those who are looking at downloading a theme should be careful to install it correctly. Make a backup of the installation of the main system first, just in case there is some corruption that might occur so that there can be a restoration later if necessary.

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Fixing a Problem

Those who might have opted for the wrong theme shouldn't worry too much. It's fairly easy to correct this problem. In many cases the Optimizepress platform will allow users to switch things up while the material stays the same. Simply head over to the settings or options page and have things changed around. There aren't usually any other problems beyond that, which helps those who have been having trouble with visualizing how something might look if changed.

Among other things, don't forget to check out the optimizepress member plugin on our website.


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