Benefits of OptimizePress for Membership Site

Benefits of OptimizePress for Membership Site

The existing initial WordPress system is probably the most user-friendly content management system that's available on the market today, but those who want even more power should give Optimize Press a try. Those who want to make private members-only designs are probably the ones who want to try it the most. An accredited Internet marketing guru named James Dyson, who is often considered to be one of the best individuals around when it comes to these sorts of features, designed the plug-in version of the software.

optimizepress membership site

Designing an Optimizepress Membership Site

Those who want to make a private WordPress site will probably need a way to attract people to it. After all a signup system means nothing if it can't attract anyone to sign up for the website itself. By using the Optimize plug-in, designers can choose from a number of awesome features that bring prospects over to the site. As the name seems to suggest, this system can optimize a sales message and then funnel people in to get great results. People who are funneled in might very well start to sign up and pay for the membership content, especially if they were given something free to begin with so that they could come to realize how good the information that they're going to get from the members-only section will be.

Reasons for an Optimizepress Membership Site

Success in the field totally focuses around converting Web traffic into actually sales. While a good message can bring people onboard, a good message presented in a great format with a solid funnel will optimize traffic, and this is what the plug-in was designed around. The templates that the software features include:

  • Options to use in building a solid squeeze page for email lists, which are great for those with membership options
  • Sales pages to bring people in
  • Pages for both pre-launch and final launch product and service sequences
  • Membership pages for those who actually sign up and start receiving content
  • Offer pages to enhance deals and sales
  • Letters for getting the message across to those who might sign up.

The software produces the pages, and the designer merely has to use them.

Looking at an Optimizepress 2.0 Membership Site

When building up a big campaign, it's very useful to customize pages with a header and logo. However, this isn't nearly enough to build a page around. When looking at the basic features, this kind of thing offers the ability to add in:

  • Short code
  • Headlines
  • Text, much like the actual WordPress structure
  • New typesetting, again much like WordPress itself
  • Videos with bylines and graphics
  • Delayed call to action buttons
  • Gateway launch system features
  • Perptual timed launches
  • One-off launch pages
  • Social networking links
  • Comments and sharing features
  • Access to other popular membership sites, including Nana cast, Digital Access Pass and Wishlist
  • Downloadable content
  • Integration with the iOS platform
  • Built-in SEO features
  • Graphics packs.

optimizepress 2.0 membership site

Drawing Images on Blogs

Of course, one of the biggest things that people want with their optimizepress 2 membership site is the ability to add images in. While most people will simply want to upload photographs, some designers will be glad to know that the software actually has an entire graphic design routine built straight in. It should be very useful to those who want to constantly edit photographs, but it can even be used to create lots of graphics to illustrate information to members.

Designing Member Sites

Those who aren't technical wizards or graphic designers should be able to put together ace designs with the plug-in. Those who want to launch a large members campaign have every tool that they'll need to both promote and sell products. The Optimize system will do all the work for them. Some people have noted that it takes maybe 10-20 minutes to put together an entire optimizepress 2 membership site. Those who design and write content in other programs can easily copy it over, as well, so this should help even more.

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