how to add paypal to optimizepress

Basics of PayPal Integration with Optimizepress

Building an online business, like OptimizePress, starts with baby steps and it’s necessary to identify the risk and needs of the business. Online commerce has been around for more than decades. More and more people are turning to this kind of industry because they see bigger opportunity in it. The online market is very wide and big, you can just sell to anyone. The struggle is how to make that market into clients?

how to add paypal to optimizepress

Through creating compelling, useful, and valuable web- business, you may achieve your dream of becoming millionaire with online marketing.

One of the most vital and critical part in an online business is setting up the right and perfect platform for your page. Finding the most seamless, flexible, and useful payment platform helps increase sales and maintains good customers.

Paypal and Optimizepress

One of the most popular and highly rated payment platforms is Paypal. This payment option guarantees safety and security to any of your transaction, whether big or small. OptimizePress and PayPal perfectly fit with each other that’s why integrating these two website makes a successful business.

How to add paypal to optimizepress?

Integrating PayPal to your OptimizePress website is very easy. It will only take a moment to set-up PayPal in your account. Follow below steps to add PayPal to optimizepress.

  1. Create a PayPal Account. If you’re new with the platform, just simply register. Honestly enter all the required details in the designated field.
  2. Once set-up, log-in to OptimizePress account. Go to PayPal Options and select PayPal account details. Fill up this section with the correct details.
  3. You need to select between Yes or No to some options. Select No for all and Save the Changes once done.
  4. Go back to your PayPal account and check if the Block Non-Encrypted Website Payment was set to off. You will find this at your Go to Profile tab, select My Selling Tools, click Website Preferences, and choose update. If the Block Non-Encrypted Website Payment is on, turn it off.
  5. Configure and Turn on the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) in Paypal. If the Notification URL field has URL, your OptimizePress account already uses Paypal in transacting payments. Insert the IPN URL if you use the Payflow Pro.
  6. Go back to your Optimizepress and configure the PayPal PDT/ Auto-return Integration in it. Precisely input the PayPal PDT Identity token in the designated field.
  7. Set- up the Signup Confirmation Email (Standard) from OptimizePress, which automatically send e-mails to new members after their successful PayPal purchase. You may edit and customize the message depending on your brand and wants.
  8. Click Save All Settings.

You just have successfully integrated Paypal and Optimizepress.

optimizepress and paypal

Begin sending and receiving payments through the new payment platform and enjoy limitless opportunity with PayPal. With PayPal as the most used and popular payment methods, your client can easily and smoothly make transactions online.

Having this new platform integrated in your Optimizepress, your business is guaranteed with success and continuous cash flow for the next coming years. To have multiple options when upgrading, read about optimizepress and Optimizepress 2.0 Clickbank.


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