An Overview of OptimizePress Theme for WordPress

An Overview of OptimizePress Theme for WordPress

Unlike a traditional add-on, the wordpress theme optimizepress only makes use of the theme setup and doesn't function like a traditional theme. In fact, it's not even designed to work as a traditional theme to any real degree. That being said it's quite effective in the market niche that it's supposed to be effective in. It creates excellent landing pages, puts extremely optimized sales pages together, makes squeeze pages and even puts together launch pages for the user out of their own specific content.

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The Powerful Optimizepress Theme WordPress

To be perfectly honest the theme has a very specific purpose. It's not designed for everyone, and it's not a one-size-fits-all theme the way that many other themes are. Those looking just for some eye candy want to try Twenty Eleven or Twenty Ten and leave it at that. Those who understand CSS should take one of these themes and make it work for them. These are all different markets. Optimizepress instead focuses on those who specifically need to work to create some kind of sales page, and those who do will absolutely love this theme. It will make their job a great deal easier.

How to Use WordPress Optimizepress

There are two basic features that come with it. The first is an excellent template for those who find that they need to build membership sites. Anyone who uses something like Digital Access Pass needs this theme in order to design the member's area. It makes a member experience really stand out from just another user's experience, and those in the business shouldn't really be relying on regular themes for this kind of thing anyway.

The package comes with a number of templates that fit straight with popular PHP membership scripts. Those who need to build: home pages, login and logout pages, error reports, modules and content very quickly should be using this theme. It's one of the best ways to do it. Anyone can just assign the appropriate template to each section and get ready to go. Navigation is completley customizable since it makes use of the existing WordPress custom menu system.

WordPress Theme Optimizepress Features

Module templates are each used for a topic or course. Actual content goes on content pages, and can be just as easily edited and updated the way that anything else is. This makes it good for those who want to set up some kind of marketing course or offer a series of Webinar features to people just starting out in the field of advertising. Eventually some institutions of higher learning might as well use these.

Module pages are displayed along with excerpts from the actual content pages. This produces an automatic table of contents. Members who actually subscribe to a service can then very easily find their content with only a minimum of searching.

Creative Theme Uses

There's a really great way to apply this functionality. People who want to create a membership site on their existing blog or site can install a second copy of WordPress in a second directory. For instance make a /members/ directory with the FTP feature.

Then ultimately install OptimizePress only in that directory and have it used as a theme. In doing so an existing site or blog can be kept under its existing theme without having to turn everything over in favor of optimize's new matrix.

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Squeeze and Sales Pages

Opt-in forms, product launch pages and video links are among the things that this system does the best. By using this theme anyone who has to make a whole bunch of these at any given time won't have to spend too much time working. People who work on launching products in today's world are very beat over the head with countless assignments, and they have to make dozens of these pages if not more. This is an excellent way to avoid the stress of that kind of thing and still have plenty of pages created to make sure that a launch is successful. Make sure that the emphasis never leaves actual content. Ultimately it will be the content that sells people, and not even the most attractive theme can change that.

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