An Overview of OptimizePress Plugin for WordPress

An Overview of OptimizePress Plugin for WordPress

When people first access Optimize Press, the first thing that they usually notice is just how large the file size is. It tends to be rather huge as far as WordPress plug-ins go, considering that it's just around 29 megabytes. This means that it can feature heavy functionality, but some people find it hard to install. This is the first hurtle that many people have to jump over in order to make some use of it.

optimizepress plugin for wordpress

Setting up Optimizepress WordPress Plugin

Instead of doing things the usual way, users might want to extract the actual .ZIP archive on their own computer, and then use an FTP client to upload it to the plug-ins folder that's already on their WordPress server tree architecture. Of course, there is a faster way, but this tends to be foolproof when it comes to working with the file system.

The fastest solution tends to be uploading the .ZIP archive via some kind of web host file manager. Once this has been accomplished it should be extracted onto a server. There's one more thing to do, however. The plug-in requires ionCube Loader to be installed on the server. While most web hosts already have this little feature, some cases requrie the user to install or even upgrade it. Submit a support ticket to the web host support provider if this is an issue and access isn't granted.

Changing the Optimizepress Plugin for WordPress Settings

Once that's been done, activate the plug-in on the WordPress site and head right over to the settings page. Validate the plug-in with the API License Key in order to ensure that it works correctly. Make sure that you have an official version, since this won't necessarily work otherwise. Each user needs a license to make sure that they're not running afoul of the regulations when it comes to this.

Head over to the dashboard once this is done in order to set each of the default plug-in settings, and make sure that each has been individually edited. Global settings are used across the site, but can be overridden when a single page base needs to be special. Design, tracking, search engine optimization, email marketing, social settings and other tabs will serve in this respect. Once again, though, these can always be overridden manually if a single page or two need them to be.

Using Optimizepress WordPress Plugin

Once everything else is going, the Email Marketing Service can be installed. This particularly powerful service can integrate with:

  • Aweber
  • iContact
  • Mail Chimp
  • Infusion Soft
  • Get Response
  • 1 Shopping Cart
  • Office Autopilot
  • Go to Webinar
  • Campaign Monitor.

All of the integration is done over the API, so it's exceptionally easy when it comes to configuration time. The page builder only makes things better as well.

Page Builder Features

Working with templates and the page builder makes things exceptionally easy, even beyond what's gone on thus far. The live editor works just like a word processing page, but even more simply than that. If Simple Text were a Web application it would be the plug-in live editor. Anyone who has used something like that can easily use this live editor, because it follows the same command interface. Those who might not be familiar with even the most basic pieces of software can imagine that it's just like typing anything from a typewritten letter to an SMS message. That makes it ideal for those who are just beginning in the world of Web design to be perfectly honest, and that's not just marketing blah.

optimizepress wordpress plugin

Employing the Design

Those who haven't really used the plug-in might be surprised when they find out that it costs $97, but that shouldn't scare them away. It's worth everything that someone might pay for it, and it has enough features that anyone who does want to use it shouldn't consider it a waste of money. If nothing else consider what the amount of time it saves is worth, and then realize just how good this software really is and what a bargain that price represents.

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