A Guide to OptimizePress Infusionsoft Integration

A Guide to OptimizePress Infusionsoft Integration

It seems like everyone these days want to argue over which piece of software is the superior piece of software. That sort of debate is actually very silly, since it's far better to get several pieces to work together. Getting the Infusionsoft network to work with the OptimizePress scripts is an excellent way to put everything into once place, but it might take a tiny bit of coding. Those who are experienced in the field of writing scripts will certainly be able to move ahead the best when it comes to this kind of thing, but even beginners should be able to figure out what's going on.

Making Optimizepress Infusionsoft Scripts Work

These two solutions can be shoved together in order to send contact record information to the Membership List of OptimizePress, which helps those who want to management payment in order to be setup as members of subscription sites. That's the main reason that people want to get these two features to work together, and considering that they're both popular they should both continue to enjoy a great deal of growth.

optimizepress infusionsoft

Those who need to incorporate them should certainly first make sure that Optimizepress is working on their servers before they even think about moving forward at all. Many people start up the integrator and find out later that something failed, and then spend lots of time troubleshooting the integration processes. They should have just made sure that the initial installation worked in the first place, since this is usually where the errors come from. The steps themselves are otherwise actually remarkably easy to follow, and even the included documentation is simple to work with.

Starting with Optimizepress Infusionsoft Integration

The first thing that a user needs to go is to head over to their domain with the following: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=ws-plugin--optimizemember-scripting and they need to do this before anything else. Once this loads, head to the section that's marked Pro API For Remote Operations and find the secret API Key section. This will have to be copied in order to start the process. This step is easily forgotten about, and many people just skip over it, but that key is certainly needed to continue with the process of integrating the two pieces of software together.

Finishing Optimizepress Infusionsoft Scripts

Once this is done, head over to Infusionsoft and go to the option that's marked Send HTTP Post. The HTTP Post URL should be the site's domain followed by /?optimizemember_pro_remote_op_integration=1 and placed into the resulting prompt. There will be a few name and value pairs that follow:

  • op: this should be assigned create_user
  • api_key: this should be the previously copied secret key
  • data[user_login]: fill this in with the username desired
  • data[user_email]: fill this in with the contact's email.

Other Design Options

There are a few other fields that aren't required, but some people do like to use them. These fields are as follows:

  • data[optimizemember_level]: the level number corresponds to the specific type of membership, and if left empty will default to a 0 indicating a free subscriber
  • data[optimizemember_ccaps]: this can be used to specify custom packages, which have to be seperated by a comma if there are more than one
  • data[notification]: if set to 0 this will do nothing, but will email the new user with their username and password if set to 1.

optimizepress infusionsoft integration

Concluding Data Remarks

Those who are setting this kind of thing up might want to tread carefully, since giving out the secret API key is something that no one wants to do. Make sure that the computer terminal being used to handle the integration process is completely secured. Non-secured machines are a great way to invite trouble in during this step. Otherwise there shouldn't be too much of a problem from what most people experience, should the computer be secured, since the process itself is nothing more than filling out a few forms. Once it's all complete the two services should be tested to see if they're working perfectly in concert, but there usually aren't any associated problems.

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